About Us

Welcome to the homepage of Newbury & Reading Wargames Society Our lively and friendly weekly club sessions and Hermitage Games Days feature games of all types – wargames, boardgames and role play games, from historical to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Periods include Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, 18th Century, Napoleonic, American Civil War, 19th Century and Colonial, World War II and Modern, and feature wargames ranging from large scale battles to skirmishes on land to naval warfare, aerial combat and starwars. Where ever your interests, whatever the rules, we’ll have players ready to take you on. What’s more, we also organise an annual open day, ‘CALL TO ARMS‘, one of the first wargaming shows on the calendar each year, and historically the Colours show in Newbury. We have close links with Berkshire Scale Replicas, Newbury Scale Model Club and Spiky Club.


Newbury meetings are from 7.30-11pm on Mondays at Fir Tree Primary School, Fir Tree Lane, Newbury, RG14 2RA (come round the back on knock on the windows after 7.30pm!)


Reading meetings are from 7-11pm on Thursdays at the Post Office Social Club, 6 Richfield Avenue, Reading. (through the red door marked RPOSSC) We play a range of games covering all genres, periods, scales and rules.


Hermitage days are held in Hermitage Village Hall from 9am-5pm We play a range of games covering all genres, periods, scales and rules.
    Forthcoming dates are:
  • Sun 23rd Mar 2014
  • Sun 11th May 2014 AGM
  • Sun 12th Oct 2014
  • Sun 23rd Nov 2014

For more information you can email us :-

Colin Cockburn, Club Secretary; secretary@colours.org.uk

Martin Parker, Webmaster; webmaster@colours.org.uk